Transforming the gig economy

On-demand work is the future of the economy. But it’s increasingly difficult to navigate, leaving job seekers overworked, overstressed, underpaid, and underbanked.

We’re here to change that.


The AI Advantage

Stoovo's leverages Artificial Intelligence to provide insights that enable gig workers to earn the most money for every minute of their time. It integrates with over 6,000 work platforms so you can connect and see your best opportunities and track your earnings at a glance.

Stoovo 101

Stoovo is a financial technology platform enabling gig workers to maximize their income and increase financial stability. We use artificial intelligence to tell them when and where they’ll make the most money for any given day and time. We also provide banking and financial tools to make it easy for them to manage their finances, including 1099 taxes.


Our team, investors, and advisors include
founders, board members, and leadership from:

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Stoovo works by first connecting to a gig worker’s profile,
then recommending to that gig worker when and where to work
and on which third-party platform should they pick up jobs (Doordash,
Postmates, Uber, Wag!, etc.) in order to maximize efficiency and earnings.

Meet the team

Leaders, techies, and dreamers in the heart
of San Francisco

Hantz Fevry


Pierre Mombeleur

Operations manager

Semih Korkmaz


Erdenezul Batmunkh

Sr. Software Engineer

Cybille Bronson

Data Specialist

Bradley Leimer


Badal Desai

Software Engineer

Triman Kaur

Machine Learning Engineer

Greta Rose

Community Manager


Chief Pet Officer

Jon Venverloh


Christian Nazha

Software Engineer

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