Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone and Make More Money Gigging

Kimberly Hathaway

We all get in ruts, but with gig work, it could affect your income. It’s been a rough ride for gig workers with the pandemic, many of you have switched it up from rideshare to food delivery or by trying new things like pet services or retail gigs.

By mixing up your gig work and being willing to go outside of your comfort zone, you can still keep your main gig, but fill in slow times with something new.

Take a break from traditional gig work with clinical trials, disaster drills, and focus groups — you might be surprised by the compensation and ease of participation

Many gig workers forget gigs that have been around long before Uber was created — paid clinical trials, disaster drills, and focus groups.

  • If you’re near a university or teaching hospital, find out how to receive information on upcoming clinical trials.
  • If you’re an actor or model, you could get hired to be an injury victim or someone mimicking a disease for university hospital residents.
  • Municipalities often have wide-scale disaster drills complete with makeup wounds and bandaged victims — check with local fire departments and the Red Cross for these events.
  • Specialized marketing companies regularly conduct focus groups for new products or services. Start with, Craigslist, or Survey Junkie.

Just can’t do one more grocery store run? Mix it up and be a personal shopper

People who don’t want to go out and shop for groceries probably don’t want to go out shopping for other non-food items during the pandemic. If you’ve been a star on Instacart, TaskRabbit offers unlimited shopping opportunities and you get to set your own rates.

Are you a Marie Kondo devotee?

If you’re one of those people who have a perfectly arranged sock drawer and regularly purge your home of items that no longer give you joy, TaskRabbit always has requests for personal organizers and closet cleaners.

Find a platform that helps you earn, save and grow

Now that you’re ready to go outside of your comfort zone, find a platform that helps manage your gigs and finances so you can get where you want to go.

Stoovo is a new on-demand platform that helps you find the best-paying jobs and manages your finances. To be added to the waitlist for Stoovo visit

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