Stoovo, the First Gig Economy Platform Built for Independent Workers Closes Their Final Seed Round Totaling $7.1 Million

Kimberly Hathaway

AI-driven technology allows workers to earn on their own terms; investors include Bow Capital, 500, Plug and Play, Watertower Ventures, Alpana Ventures, and The Social Entrepreneurs Fund (TSEF)

San Francisco's very own, Stoovo, an AI-driven gig economy platform built for the independent workforce, announces the closing of their final Seed round of $4.6 million. In March 2021 Stoovo raised a $2.4 million dollar round led by Watertower Ventures and The Social Entrepreneurs Fund (TSEF). Bow Capital led this month’s $4.6 million round for a total of $7.1 million. 

Stoovo’s platform empowers independent workers to take control of their finances through its AI-driven intelligence that allows workers to optimize their time and skills. With features that allow you to see what others earn in your area, create a profile and apply to short-term jobs, and AI guidance that tells you when + where to work to earn the most money, and a card that rewards you for your lifestyle, the app is a perfect sidekick for the modern worker.

Who is the modern worker, exactly? Hantz Févry, founder and CEO of Stoovo, believes “The future of work is people who want to work independently, with greater flexibility, and on their own terms. Neobanks are not enough, workers want real-time disbursements and the ability to monetize all of their skills, Stoovo helps them do this.”

Stoovo is fully operational in California and will be launching in many other cities in 2022. For more information visit or contact

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