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Potential earning:



Victoria Quinn

🏅 Certifications
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    Background check

  • security

    COVID-19 vaccine

🏆 Experience
  • Barista at Starbucks starbucks

    jan 2018 - present

  • Server at Cafe Gratitude cg

    jun 2016 - present

  • Driver at Lyft lyft

    mar 2019 - present

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Say hello to modern workers

The truth is, people still want to work. They're just working differently. Let's meet a few modern employees so that you can see how.

Meet Maddy, she's a...
College student
Experienced barista
Instacart shopper

Maddy uses Stoovo to pick up barista shifts in between classes. Since it's her passion, we also connect her with art galleries that need to staff for events.

Meet Arjun, he's a...
College teacher
Supporting his family
A multi-app gig worker

Arjun enjoys the freedom of making his own work schedule, and also likes being in control of how much he makes each month. Stoovo helps him optimize his income by telling him which apps to use and when to earn the most money.

Meet Sean, he's a...
Road tripping around the USA
Wants to start teaching fitness classes
Grubhub Driver

Sean's best companion on the road has been Stoovo because he can find bartender shifts no matter what city he's currently in. Stoovo is also helping him get his fitness certification to pick up more jobs while he travels.

This app is super legit. By getting 25% cash back for gas I am making an extra $300/month. In California gas is expensive and is my biggest business expense. So if gas is $4.00/gallon, like it is where I live after getting 25% cash back I’m really only paying $3.00/gallon. YES PLEASE!!!

Jeff Dunworth

i recommend this app! Easy to use and I had a little issue but support was able to help even at 11PM Pacific time. I would suggest putting in a specific amount with teller when pumping gas otherwise there will be a hold until it processes 😊

Holly Matias

The most amazing thing I ever found. I’m not gonna lie at first thought it was kind of too good to be true but actually after one month of using the service I’m very impressed, It exceeds all my expectation thank you so much STOOVO.

Jorge Galvez

Great app. My earnings have improved a lot since I started using Stoovo. Not only it is a great app the developers are there for you if you ever have questions. So I definitely recommend this app and I don’t do reviews.

David Dominguez

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