Rewards & Referral Terms and Conditions

Rewards & Referral Terms and ConditionsParticipation: By joining Stoovo’s Rewards & Referral Program, you’re agreeing to Stoovo’s Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy, and the conditions stated in these Rewards & Referral Terms.Becoming a Referrer:
  • Eligibility: To qualify, you must use the program solely for personal, non-commercial purposes. Share referral links only with personal connections.
  • Compliance with Law: Follow all relevant laws, especially the CAN-SPAM Act. Distributing your link as “spam” is strictly prohibited.


How to Invite:
  • Use the Stoovo app to send a Referral Link to friends/family’s phone numbers.
  • For each eligible referred customer, you could earn a determined number of Stoovo coins as determined on the app.


Qualified Referral:
  • Used your referral link to sign up.
  • The new user mustn’t have had a Stoovo account before. Duplicate referrals or self-referrals are not allowed.


Rewards Conditions:
  1. A valid referral is when the referred user creates at least one guide on Stoovo.
  2. Stoovo has the right to inspect information before giving out rewards. Invalid data could result in non-reward.
  3. To cash out, users need to send a request. Withdrawal aligns with our available campaigns.
  4. We may adjust or halt reward programs anytime.
  5. Rewards for traveling miles using Stoovo’s navigation are discontinued.
  6. Top Guiders might receive rewards monthly but it’s not guaranteed.
  7. If a user consistently provides incorrect data through their guides, Stoovo may deactivate their account.
  8. This program caters solely to US users. Non-US users won’t receive rewards.


Representations and Warranties:
  • Do not falsely represent Stoovo or its services. Refrain from making any misleading claims.
  • Always speak positively about Stoovo.


  • This program isn’t for businesses or for affiliate lead generation. The program is limited to US-based users.


No Combination:
  • Referred accounts can’t mix offers or promotions unless specified by Stoovo.


Prohibited Conduct:
  • One user can use only one Referral Link.
  • Sending yourself a referral link is not allowed.
  • Stay compliant with laws when using this program.


  • Protect and hold Stoovo harmless from any liabilities or costs stemming from your participation in this program.


Limitation of Liability:
  • Stoovo isn’t responsible for any indirect, consequential, or punitive damages.


  • Invalid provisions in these terms won’t affect other valid parts.


Right to Terminate Accounts:
  • Stoovo can end this program or your participation anytime. If suspicious or abusive activity is detected, accounts may be suspended.


Right to Cancel or Change Terms:
  • Stoovo can revise these terms or end the program at any time. Ensure you check for updates.


Contact Us:
  • For queries or discrepancies, reach out to hi@ Stoovo’s decisions on reward balances are final.